Live Event Adobe Make It Thailand 2016 : Creativity from cloud to brilliant


Adobe launch major update to its flagship creative cloud tool and services.
The release includes new features in Adobe’s Flagship application, performance enhancement across Creative Cloud and exciting update to adobe stock , include deeper integration within Creative Cloud and the addition of-an all new premium collection of high quality stock content .

New CC Desktop App Cababillities and Performance Enhancments

Highly anticipated Creative Cloud feature,offering critical time saving and new creative opporunities for Creative Cloud subsribers include

  • Content-Aware Crop in Photoshop, which automically fills in the gaps when you rotate expand a canvas beyond the original image size.
  • Face aware Liquify in Photoshop, an easy way to create artistic effect with facial feature using the Liquify Tool while keeping the face in proportion.
  • Match Font in Photoshop, an innovated font recognition technolgy that has the ablility to regconize and identify licensed fonts and automatically suggest fonts available on your computer system or available to license through Adobe Typekit.
  • Charater Animator Preview in Afte Effect CC, which matches an animated character to a real -life actor’s speech and movement.
  • New Virtual Reality (VR) feature in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, including “field view” mode for previewing content.
  • Fast Export of assets and artboards in Adobe Illustrator CC, allowing user to export assets to multiple formats and resolutions with a sign click
  • Photoshop productivities anhancements, including a four time oerformance improvement when working with fonts and Content-Aware Fill features.

Make It  Thailand 2016  Session 1

Make It  Thailand 2016  Session 2


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